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Ethiopian Crown Council Names Recipients of 16 University Scholarships

Washington DC, August 11, 1999: — The Ethiopian Crown Council today announced that 16 Ethiopian students have been chosen to receive Pacem in Terris scholarships. These full, four-year scholarships to International University of America, in Texas, in the United States, were awarded to Ethiopians in Ethiopia and the diaspora.

These scholarships, administered in the name of the charity organization, the Haile Selassie Fund for Ethiopia’s Children, cover four years of college tuition, room, and board for all 16 recipients. The recipients will spend their first six months at Pennsylvania’s La Roche College receiving intensive English language instruction, and will complete the remainder of their four-year program at International University of America (formerly Ambassador International University) in Texas.

The Haile Selassie Fund was able to award scholarships in the fields of computer science, business, engineering, communications, and water resources management. These scholarships, awarded in early July, have a collective value of some US$1.2-million. The scholarship recipients are a diverse group of Ethiopians with a wide range of personal backgrounds and interests. Among the finalists are students from Addis Ababa, Harar, Mekelle, Awasa, Dire Dawa, and even several from various Ethiopian communities in the diaspora of the United States and Europe.

The Crown Council released the following statement to the press after the announcement of the scholarship winners: “Our heartfelt congratulations go out to the recent recipients of the Pacem in Terris scholarships.  We would also like to extend our deepest gratitude to Monsignor William Kerr, President of International University of America. His enthusiasm and energy in the establishment of this scholarship has provided an unprecedented opportunity for these young Ethiopians. The International University’s work to promote peace and well-being among the peoples of the earth deserves all of our appreciation and support. The young men and women who will begin their studies at the International University are the pride of Ethiopia, and we look forward to watching their careers in the years to come.”