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HRH Princess Zuriash Gebre-Egsiabher, 1930-2020

It is with great sadness that we share the passing in London this month of our be-loved cousin, Her Royal Highness Prin-cess Zuriash Gebre-Egsiabher.

Princess Zuriash was a granddaughter of Empress Menen. She was married for thir-ty eight years to Prince Asrate Kassa. The Princess was a joyful and vivacious per-sonality who had a full life, enjoying both God’s grace and the tests of life. The Prin-cess was a dutiful wife and mother who also served alongside her husband in the various administrative roles he had under the Imperial Government, including as Viceroy of Eritrea.

Princess Zuriash, pictured here with Prince Asrate Kassa, was to suffer impris-onment without charge like most of her relatives for thirteen years under the brutal military dictatorship of the Derg. Her husband, Prince Asrate Kassa, was also exe-cuted without any charge by the military junta, along with sixty high ranking offi-cials of the Imperial Government.

The Princess was devout and resilient. Her difficult journey in life, especially dur-ing the darkest times, did not shadow her faith or love. She was blessed to see many grandchildren.

We pray that God comforts her children and grandchildren, and may the Almighty receive her soul so that she may Rest In Peace.