The Victory of Gondar Medal

The Victory of Gondar Medal was first issued by the Ethiopian Crown on November 15, 2021 (ሰኞ, ኅዳር 6, 2014) to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the final battle, in 1941, to liberate Ethiopia from Italian occupation. The Medal was struck for the Ethiopian Crown by Cleave & Company, in London. It shows Gondar Castle [Fasil Ghebbi (ፋሲል ግቢ)] with the words, in Amharic, “Victory of Gondar 1934” (the Ethiopian calendar year of the battle). The reverse shows the British Lion and the Ethiopian Moa Anbessa (Conquering Lion of Judah), and the words “Victory of Gondar 1941” in English around the base. The Gondar Medal’s first recipients gathered at a special dinner in London, at the Cavalry and Guards Club, to honour the sacrifices of those involved. The dinner and the medal honoured Ethiopians who suffered under the invasion and occupation from 1935 to 1941, and the valour of all those who fought in this Second Italian-Ethiopian War. The medal ribbon was designed by HE Edward Hilary Davis, GCEM, RML, and the medal itself was designed by HE the Most Honourable Marquess of Tana.

The Medal of Scholarship

Originated in 1959 by Emperor Haile Selassie, primarily to recognise teachers, has been sustained by the Crown Council to recognise the achievement of Ethiopians, and those teaching in Ethiopia

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The Star of Victory 1941

Issued after the defeat of the Italians in 1941. The medal was made by Mappin & Webb, in London, and is in the shape of a Coptic Cross, surmounted by an Imperial Crown.

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The Haile Selassie I Prize Medal

“We have established this chartered and completely independent organization…to ensure the promotion and encouragement of activities and proficiencies of the Ethiopian people in the diversified fields of Amharic literature, fine arts, agriculture, industry, educational activities and humanitarian activities.”

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