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Professor Richard Pankhurst, GCHT – December 3, 1927 – February 16, 2017

A Statement by His Imperial Highness Prince Ermias Sahle-Selassie Haile-Selassie, President of the Crown Council

It is with deep sadness that the Crown Council mourns the loss of a great scholar, prominent historian and Champion of Ethiopia, with the death of Professor Richard Pankhurst, GCHT, on February 16, 2017. We offer our personal and profound condolences to his family, his many friends and admirers.

Like his mother, Sylvia Pankhurst, the famous feminist of the suffragette movement, Richard Pankhurst’s af-fection and service to Ethiopia, its scholarship and drive for justice, were monumental.

Richard from an early age, and alongside his mother, campaigned against the fascist occupation of Ethiopia. His books on Ethiopia’s social and economic history are most noteworthy and his many years teaching, men-toring and publishing have rightfully earned him great respect.

His lifetime of dedicated effort and advocacy for the return of Ethiopia’s looted properties were finally crowned with the return of the Aksum Obelisk from Rome.

We all returned the love he felt for Ethiopia, and are grateful that he was interred where he wished to be at the Trinity Cathedral in Addis Ababa.

The next generation of scholars and campaigners must continue the great legacy of Professor Pankhurst: to honor his life by continuing his work to achieve the full return of our stolen treasures, which represent the deep heart of our history and identity.

May God rest his soul