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Society of St. George Booklet Produced

The Crown Council of Ethiopia is pleased to announce that a comprehensive book about the Imperial Society of St. George of Lalibela has been prepared and posted on the Society’s website. Click HERE to read the Foreword to this important publication.

The Foreword highlights that Ethiopia has a deep rooted spiritual, cultural and historical heritage that represents the longest unbroken chain of cultural continuity in the history of the world. This has enabled it to uphold the dignity of people of African heritage and to become the source of African identity and beacon of African independence. As it is the root of Judo-Christian heritage as well as the fabric of the Muslim faith, Ethiopian culture is a world treasure that must be preserved. Concerns regarding the erosion of Ethiopian cultural heritage are expressed and some corrective action are proposed.

The Foreword also stated that the raison d’etre for publishing the book is to show case that the true history of a nation includes the history of all the people in the country; the major contributors to the wellbeing and dignity of the nation; all religions practiced in the country’s boundaries; as well as that of all Monarchs of different lineage, and of other leaders who have served at the helm of Ethiopian society. Thus it embraces all Ethiopian people in its inclusiveness and promotes national unity, which has been and continues to be the role of the Ethiopian Crown.

In addition, on behalf of all Ethiopians past and present as well as of future generations, the Crown Council of Ethiopia most gratefully acknowledges and extends its heartfelt thanks to all those who have saved written and photographic record of Ethiopia’s ancient heritage. It says that what they have preserved will help future generations of Ethiopians maintain their national pride and identity, assured in the knowledge that their culture has contributed to the beautiful mosaic of world heritage. All Ethiopians are, indeed, most indebted to each and every one of them.