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The contribution of Melake Selam Haddis Woldeyesus and the honorable Mussie Hailu have been recognized by the Crown Council

The Crown Council of Ethiopia awarded Melake Selam Haddis Woldeyesus the Medal of The Imperial Society of St. George of Lalibela. The award was made at the Launching Ceremony of the Imperial Society of St. George of Lalibela and the Commemoration of HIM Emperor Haile Selassie’s Birth Date which was held on 23rd July 2004, at Charleston South Carolina.

Melake Selam Haddis was recognized for his contribution to uphold and promote the importance of Ethiopia’s ancient history, the people’s deep rooted Orthodox Christian faith, and the country’s historic heritage under the Monarchy, all of which have been closely interlinked for many centuries.

The Honorable Mussie Hailu was given the both the Medal of the Imperial Society of St. George of Lalibela and the first Annual Award for his outstanding contribution to support Development and Humanitarian Programmes and for his tireless effort to promote peaceful coexistence at the national, regional and international levels.

All Ethiopians should be proud of individuals of such integrity and dedication.