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The Ethiopian Crown Welcomes the Coronation of the Sultan of the Assau

The Crown Council of Ethiopia released the following statement to the press today, መጋቢት5, 2015 (March 14, 2023):

Le’ul Ermias Sahle-Selassie Haile-Selassie, President of the Ethiopian Crown Council, congratulates His Royal Highness Ahmed Alimirah Hanfare on the occasion of his coronation as Sultan of the Assau, which took place yesterday, መጋቢት 4, 2015 (March 13, 2023) at Assaita, the residential capital of the Sultan in Afar. His Royal Highness Ahmed Alimirah Hanfare has become the 15th Sultan of the Afar, and succeeds Sultan Hanfare Alimirah, who passed away on መስከረም 10, 2013 (September 20, 2020).

Le’ul Ermias was unable to attend the coronation, but wrote to the Crown Prince of the Afar, His Royal Highness Omar Alimirah Hanfare, to convey to the new Sultan “my wishes that he have a long life, good health, and a fruitful and peaceful reign”. In his letter, Le’ul Ermias spoke of the long bond between the Mudaito Dynasty of the Afar people and his own Solomon dynasty. He wrote of bitwoded Sultan Alimirah, who reigned from 1944 to 2011, that he “was the pride of not just the Afar people, but all the people of Ethiopia who were inspired by his patriotism, loyalty, bravery and wisdom”.

In remarks to the press, Le’ul Ermias added that the coronation of a Sultan of the Assau is not simply an occasion for the Afar people, but for all Ethiopians. “The Assau Sultanate is a reminder,” he said, “of the rich mosaic of traditional institutions with deep roots throughout Ethiopia. We look forward to a day when all Ethiopians will be able to restore and preserve their ancestral crowns. Our congratulations to Sultan Ahmed and to his people.”