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Address of HIH Prince Ermias to the Prester John Friendship Association of Portugal


Your Royal Highness Dom Duarte, Duque of Bragança, Members of the Orders of the Ethiopian Imperial House, Founding Members and Members of the Prester John Association of Portugal; Ladies and Gentleman,

In the light of the success of our recent historic visit to Portugal, it pleases us greatly to greet you all today at this the first gathering of the Prester John Portuguese – Ethiopian friendship Association.

Although we regret we cannot be with you in person today, we do wish to address you with this message conveyed courtesy of our representative for Portugal, His Excellency Carlos Evaristo.

We appreciate each and every one of your contributions to the positive outcome of our first trip to Portugal and the Portuguese warm hospitality shown us, which rekindled the fires of the ancient Luso – Ethiopian ties.

Centuries ago, our ancestors called upon the Portuguese King and his peoples for help and his knights came to our rescue aiding us in battle and helping us defeat our Moslem oppressors. Today Ethiopia once again turns to Portugal for help and assistance. This time, not for military aid against an army but for humanitarian aid to combat famine.

Unbeknownst to many people of the world, Ethiopia stand today on the verge of the worst famine in over a century. Both medical and nutritional supplies are lacking to prevent the silence massacre of tens of thousands and perhaps millions. As is common, children and the sick and elderly are unfortunately always the most affected.

It is the intention of the Haile Selassie Foundation to continue to help our beloved homeland but we cannot do it alone and so today we ask each and every one of you here today to help the Prester John Luso-Ethiopian Association bring help to suffering Ethiopians.

I ask especially the Knights of our Imperial Orders to help raise necessary funds for this charity.

In February of 2004, it is our hope to personally travel to our headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to view on the ground, the outreach of humanitarian aid and the distribution of food supplies. At our recent meeting with Dom Duarte in Virginia we invited His Royal Highness to accompany us on this mission. A mission we would like to present as a truly Luso – Ethiopian mission: The Haile Selassie Foundation and The Prester John Association.

We take this opportunity to welcome our new members and wish you all a forthcoming blessed Christmas season and prosperous year 2004. With Our sincere gratitude, prayers and fraternal best wishes.

Argonut Water Charity